.Where are you based

Born and raised in Tuscany. I’m so proud of it, I’m so attached to my land and I really think its essence flows in my veins. I’m made of its golden hills and deep woods, and that’s why I love to dedicate most of my work to Her. I travel for weddings but Tuscany will always be my favorite playing field.

.How many weddings do you shoot each year

I have a very  intimate way of work, that’s why I want and need to focus on each couple in the most personal way. I only book a maximum of 15 weddings each year, this allows me to create strong bonds with all my clients.

.What kind of packages do you offer

Lately I started to feel the need to adapt my offer in order to be able to express my vision 100%, I’ve always hated all the thousands of add-ons that someone can choose for their wedding day, in a world made of endless options, making a decision can become really difficult.

That’s why I created IL RACCONTO – an all inclusive/no time limit/film+digital offer –  to give my couples the opportunity for me to choose for them according to their vibes, their deepest desires, their own true self.

.How would you describe your style

I don’t like to put myself under a label, like editorial or moody wedding photographer. I trust my vision, I’m curious, I study a lot and I love to try new methods to express my art, like film or whatever catches my attention. If my eyes bring me towards something I trust them. My main goal is to tell people’s stories in the most accurate way for them and to do so I feel like I always need to learn new stuff.

.What would you like couples to know about you
One of the most important things I always want my couples to know, it’s that I need to know them in order to be able to tell their story.
I care a lot about my couples, that’s why I book only a limited amount of weddings each year, and in order to give them 100% of myself I need to be part of their story.