About Me


I’m a hopeless romantic, just for you to know.
I’m completely obsessed with love in all its forms, and being able to witness it is the greatest honor that I’ve earned in my life.
Beside this, this is what I am:


-Born in the 90’s


I want to tell you my story.

That’s because I strongly believe that the secret of my work is the connection between me and my subjects. I grew up in a village just behind a wonderful medieval castle, surrounded by vineyards and hills.

I’ve always read a lot of books and believed in true love. When I was only 19, I moved to Milan without looking back, chasing a dream for which my small village had become too tight. I had many dreams, a great desire to learn and very clear ideas. I studied photography, I graduated and immediately launched into the world of business.

I travelled a lot, met colleagues and wonderful people. It has been a 6 years experience that made me grow a lot, both personally and professionally. After a while, however, I realized that I was missing the routine of my home, my dreams were growing and suddenly I realized that I’ve always had a passion for couple photography but I never paid enough attention to it.

So I decided, from a day to another, to leave Milan and devote myself 100% to wedding photography. I opened a small studio, a space where I could meet my clients, where I could be myself and dedicate all of me to this great new dream.

So here I am, with a great hunger to shoot, travel, learn, and tell all your stories.