Vintage lover since forever


If you're a 90's kid like me and you miss all the vibes, I'm your girl
From polaroids to raw VHS movies, you'll find a whole new/vintage way to have your wedding captured

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Lisa + Monty

Wow. I am both in tears and speechless. Samantha, you have captured the best day of our lives in ways we can feel and relive. Each picture tells a story of what we felt in that moment and each picture captures us as we are. Eloping without friends and family was a difficult decision to make since our parents may not experience their own son/daughter wedding in their life time. But with your photos, we can share and relive these moments and that day with them as if they were there with us. We truly cannot express how thankful we are to have found you and the friendship we have built throughout the year. You're so talented and we seriously lucked out with finding someone as amazing as vou. I cannot wait until we meet again because I know we will life long friends from across the world.

Lauren + Steven

Samantha, I hope you know how much we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives. I look at them every day, we have them printed in our home, and we can’t wait to share them with our future children and grandchildren to accompany the fairytale story that was our wedding day. The incredible attention to detail you provided and level of love and care you pour into your work has truly made a difference for us. We are so grateful for you.

wedding+couples+elopement photographer based in the heart of Tuscany


I’m Samantha, a photographer born and raised in Tuscany, addicted to horror movies and love dramas.

I’ll be your shadow, I’ll be there when you’ll need but also invisible for the most of the time.
I want to capture your deepest feelings, reactions and fears, in order to bring in your mind the goosebumps you had during the ceremony, the smell of when you saw each other just before becoming one…

…that’s why my kind of photography is mainly based on details.
The ones that make you who you are, the reasons why you couldn’t be no one except you.

And together, of course.

Hi, I'm Samantha!



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