Tuscany Editorial Wedding Photographer 


Jocelyn+Garrett chose Villa Castelletto for their crazy colorful Wedding.

Since the first time I saw this venue, I fell in love with it. It’s completely different from the usual Villa that you expect to see in Tuscany, it has palms all around and a very unique structure that makes you feel like you’re landed in a place outside time and space.

Their celebration was intimate, touching, and full of emotions. I can still feel the goosebumps I had when everyone prayed for the almost newlyweds.

Later, after several prosecco glasses, they moved to the main courtyard where an incredible Al Fresco Dinner had been set up.

The atmosphere was magical, with tables all around the round pool, under the stars of a starry Tuscan sky.

Lots of poetry, isn’t it? Well, you should have seen the party! Trust me when I way it was the wildest, funnies, loudest party ever seen.

Can you guess where the bride was from? 😉

Thinking about getting married in Italy? I’m here for you!